Şehir Executive MBA (in English)

The ŞEHİR Executive MBA modular program has been structured according to your needs as executives, in terms of course content and schedules. Classes are held during one weekend of each month, on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

The program is composed of a modular structure. During the program, you meet with academics, as well as professionals.

The program aims to develop your abilities, as well as your business and organization(s), via the subjects covered, the case studies evaluated and shared, and the projects conducted during the classes. Our mission is to contribute to your organization while developing your leadership skills.

The final module we offer is “Organizational Change and Development Management”. We offer this module in one of the most outstanding universities in the USA. Here, you will find the chance to listen to theorists and professionals in the field, as well, to visit companies that successfully operate the process of change.


Gaining Fundamental Knowledge And Acquiring Skills

  • You will gain the fundamental knowledge and develop the skills needed for management in areas such as business administration and organization, financial management, operational management, accounting, financial statements’ analyses, strategic management, human resources management, marketing, and global management thought,
  • With the elective courses you will find the opportunity to specialize effectively in one of the fields of business administration.

The Ability To Analyze

  • With the specialization at work and the knowledge and skills gained in the MBA program, you will have an interdisciplinary point of view,
  • Your skills of critical thinking, to synthesize, developing new approaches to find permanent solutions will be reinforced,
  • You will develop a perspective by which you profoundly will analyze challenges and opportunities and solve problems at global and regional level in harmony with our cultural structure,
  • You will determine strategies for long-term sustainable personal and organizational development,
  • You will constitute relevant action plans for yourself and your business,
  • You will gain awareness of responsibility to natural and social environments.

The Transfer Of Knowledge Into Business And Lifelong Learning

  •  With the help of the sample case studies you will have evaluated during your education, you will learn how to implement your knowledge into your business,
  • By analyzing articles and presenting projects you will find yourself in a constantly learning environment, and you will enhance your skills as to presenting your knowledge to others,
  • This approach will enable you to learn the methodology and make a habit of applying knowledge to your business.

Action-Centered Leadership

  •  You will learn how to make action plans to analyze change and transform it into opportunity, as well, you will learn how to build the intellectual infrastructure of action-centered leadership.