The ŞEHİR MBA programs accept students both for the fall and the spring semester. You may learn the application dates by visiting our website at or from the ŞEHİR academic calendar.

To apply to one of our programs you are required to fill out an application form, which you may find at or After submitting your application, you will be called

in for an interview.

The Interview results are announced within 10 working days following the last interview.

Application process is formed of two stages.


For the attention of applicants:

Applications of those, who do not fill in the online application form will not be accepted.

Be sure that all documents you will register in the system are available during your online application process.

Information uploaded in the system online are permanently registered in the system.
No change or edition can be made on the information registered in the system. Documents can be uploaded in MS Word, PDF, JPEG or GIF format in the system.
Documents to be uploaded online on the system is as follows:

  • Transcript (Optional)
  • Statement of Purpose/ Research Proposal
  • CV with photo
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Letter indicating employee’s status obtained from the HR department*

Application process cannot be completed without filling in the requisite sections.
*In order that candidates, who have been admitted to the program benefit from the company discount, they are required to submit the official letter indicating their status as an employee obtained from their company must be submitted to the Graduate School 2 days prior to the registration day of that academic semester at the latest.

The letters of recommendation must be in letterhead envelope and signed and if they will be sent by e-mail, corporate e-mail address must be preferred. Letters of Recommendation must be sent to There is no standard template/ sample letter of reference.

For questions relating the application process, you can contact us via

For questions regarding the programs:
For online application, click here


Application page is active at Mozilla Firefox 3.x.x in Internet Explorer 8 and previous versions and at Safari and Google Chrome at previous versions. For Internet Explorer, compatibility mode must be on. Mozilla Firefox 4 and latter versions, the page cannot be viewed.

Copies of your undergraduate degree

Copies of your transcripts

A detailed CV with a photo

2 letters of reference

A score from TOEFL, IELTS, YDS or an equivalent English exam for the Executive MBA,

*The ŞEHİR English Proficiency Exam: Applicants who do not submit a score indicating their language level from any of the above-mentioned organizations are expected to write the ŞEHİR Test of English Proficiency (STEP).

Only the applications of the candidates who pass this exam will be taken into consideration.

As of 2013, ALES is not required for non-thesis graduate programs.



Tuition fees of the Business Graduate Program designated for the program is 50.000 TL, VAT included.


There are a limited number of personal scholarships at limited rates. In addition, there are corporate discounts, which may be applied to the MBA programs or other programs at our University (except for undergraduate degree programs).

For further information: